Block DX First Time Setup


The Blocknet DX Exchange application is a super simple application to set up. Just a few areas you need to input information. If your Blocknet wallet and any coin trading pair wallets are synced you can be trading with anyone without the need for escrow in a completely safe, secure and private environment.

There are “NO ACCOUNTS”
There is “NO KYC” for user data or verification

There is only KYC as in Know Your Code because Block DX is a dApp and its entire source code is available for review by anyone and everyone, anytime. Purely Decentralized and Open Sourced.

Be your own exchange! Be empowered when you trade on your own terms. No Fees for withdrawals, no limits in amounts nobody holding a withdrawal for review. This exchange entirely Wallet to Wallet.


Blocknet BlockDX is uses interoperability protocols which are just some giant words that mean the BlockDX uses tools that make everything work together for the good of everyone.

Any coin available on the Blocknet DX is available to pair with any other. As of this video more than 11000 pairs. You are not locked into the default pairs as you are with a centralized exchange. Pairs are limitless.

The total time from setup to trading for me was a few minutes. Once set up it’s just a matter of opening your wallets, unlocking them, and trading on the Block DX. Trading takes “Seconds” with total fees than a standard exchange.

Let me know if you have any questions.




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