Calculate your probability of staking.

Calculator For Estimating Stakes
If you use Divi or PIVX as an example. Block time is 60 seconds. In a 24 hour day there are 1440 blocks produced. You would enter 1440 here or for a chain like QTUM you would enter 770 because their block time is 120 seconds per block.
The network weight is the total amount of coins on the network staking. Do not enter the total supply. The total supply will include coins not staking, like being in your wallet in locked status, in an exchange, cold storage or even in a masternode.
Enter the total amount of coins you are staking actively in your wallet. If you have 1000 coins in your wallet that are spendable and are staking enter that number here.

You will need some details from the blockchain you are calculating. There are a few things you need to know. This is an estimation with many blockchains the coins only staking are an estimation. This means that numbers for staking are usually not always, better than the calculator. The calculator should be a minimum estimation of rewards. Know Crypto Show nor TheVoice assume any liability for errors in calculations.

You may also find that if you use a method of splitting your UTXO qty that your averages will swing positive by a few percentage points even higher. Though some blockchains have mechanisms in place to manager UTXO size and qty.