Blocknet Bootstrap for Windows – Existing Install


  1. Close and quit the Blocknet wallet if it is running.


  1. Download the latest bootstrap files.


  1. Find the downloaded file and double-click. This will unzip the file and show a folder named BlocknetDX.


  1. In your windows search bar enter %appdata%

        or navigate to  Windows: C:\\Users\\[YourUsername]\\AppData\\Roaming\\ using the file explorer


  1. Locate you BlocknetDX directory

 Backup your BlocknetDX directory to a secure location



  1. Now enter into the original BlocknetDX directory and remove all files and folders EXCEPT for wallet.dat, blocknetdx.conf, xbridge.conf (may not have this file), servicenode.conf, and the backups/ folder. Again, DO NOT delete the wallet.dat file as it contains the private keys for your funds. Deleting this file will result in loss of funds.


7 Go back to the BlocknetDX you just unzipped and copy the “blocks” and “chainstate” folders into the directory where you just removed them.


  1. Close the windows and restart your wallet.

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