Windows Blocknet DX Quick Setup


However, setup is nearly identical but for terminology and tools for extraction, and directory locations. If you ever need that info its easy! Pretty much download, configure and restart your wallets and Blocknet DX the first time and you are ready to go! Interoperability at its most decentralized!

The Blocknet DX Exchange application is a super simple application to setup.

Just a few areas you need to input information. If your Blocknet wallet and any coin trading pair wallets are synced. You can but trading with anyone without the need for escrow in a completely safe and secure process.


The Blocknet DX is an interoperability protocol which is just a really big word for making everything work together for the good of everyone.

Any coin available on the Blocknet DX is available to pair with any other. You are not locked into the default pairs as you are with a centralized exchange.

The total time from setup to trading for me was really just a few minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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