Blocknet Windows Wallet Install


Creating the Wallet Step 1: Download the latest wallet build directly from or GitHub found here:



Select the appropriate build per your OS:

* tar.gz extension for Linux or .dmg for Mac OSX * .zip or .exe for Windows

Step 2: Launch the wallet by either running the executable or unzipping and running the contents. The wallet will display a splash screen and generate a fresh BlocknetDX wallet when it opens.

Step 3: Wait for the wallet to be fully synchronized the progress bar at the bottom of the wallet will disappear and you will see a check mark in the bottom right corner of the wallet that says “Synchronization finished” when hovering over it

Step 4: Encrypt your wallet (Set a password) In the Settings pull-down menu, select Encrypt Wallet Enter a passphrase of your choosing. Remember your password and save it somewhere safe, then click “Ok” which will then close the wallet This password is used to encrypt your wallet.dat file which stores your private key(s) Reboot the wallet and your wallet is now encrypted

Step 5: Unlocking the wallet To unlock your wallet, select the Settings pull-down menu, Unlock wallet

* To fully unlock, uncheck the “For anonymization and staking only” box This allows you to send funds

* To unlock for staking only, check the “For anonymization and staking only” box

This does not allow you to send funds, but it allows you to stake your coins for rewards

Let me know if you have any questions.


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