Blocknet Wallet – addnodes. Windows, OSX and Linux


1. Make sure you have the latest wallet installed and running

2. Open a Text Editor

3. Open Web browser
A. Go to
B. Scroll down to the bottom
C. Select Block Explorer
4. Blocknet Explorer
A. In the center middle of the page select “network”
B. click on the addnodes button to the right of the daemon versions.
C. Copy a sampling of IP Addresses to your text editor for easy access
D. Close your browser window

5. Blocknet Wallet
A. Open Tools on the bottom left of wallet.
B. Make sure you are on the Debug Console Tab (it is default)

6. In Console enter the IP addresses one by one.
addnode add

It leads with addnode, a space, IP Address, a space and then add as shown above.

Your wallet should achieve peers shortly after adding. If you do not have a daemon running you make need to apply a bootstrap, or resync fix after adding.

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Information on the bootstrap…

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