Divi Masternode Setup with PayPal Integration



Divi Masternode Setup with PayPal integration.

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Forums at https://forum.diviproject.org

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Producing the video was about 10x longer than actually setting up a masternode.

You only need three things
Computer for your Divi Desktop Application
At Least 100K in Divi (plus a little for the transaction)
A Paypal Account

That’s it! and you are ready to go!

The Divi Masternode System has Five Layers

Democratizing Participation Through Affordability: The Divi Project offers five types of masternodes, according to the following list:

Copper: 100,000 DIVI
Silver: 300,000 DIVI (+5%)
Gold: 1,000,000 DIVI (+10% )
Platinum: 3,000,000 DIVI (+15%)
Diamond: 10,000,000 DIVI (+20%)

Participants choose the masternode(s) that they’re able to afford, and commit to supporting Divi’s network. More expensive masternodes may also require more commitment of resources and may do more to support the network, especially as the Divi ecosystem evolves and new features are added.

They were the first to promote the idea of tiered masternodes