The Divi Desktop shortcut is able to run commands upon start without you ever touching the command line. It is a much easier way unless you want to or are used to using the command line.

The reindex command only cleans up your existing data – rebuilding for the current blockchain data on your computer.

If you continue to have syncing issues upon starting your wallet you may need a resync.


Please watch Resync Command for Windows Shortcut (Fix#2 for Sync Issue),


Here is what you need to know

Syncing issues are almost ALWAYS related to database and network issues. What I mean is that the data was interrupted and became disordered or corrupted.

This is not an issue that is caused by any process related to the Divi Desktop or its related applications. The Divi Desktop is merely showing a symptom of the network and data problem. Your Wallet (you coins and data are secure) As always make sure you keep a copy of your Seed Phrase located in settings.

What are the causes?

1. Sleep or Hibernation mode
2. Updates
3. Loss of data from the internet the service provider or your own wifi connection.
4. Non-data-related issues are the firewall, router, and antivirus
5. User Error – Shutting down abruptly without closing your Divi Desktop.
6. Other applications
7. Hardware

If you found this video helpful tips are always appreciated and I am always grateful
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