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When you set up your first masternode you have a desire to make sure everything is running perfectly.

You close your computer at night, wake up in the morning and turn on your Divi Desktop only to find that your masternode show “not started” Don’t Fret! Whatever you do, don’t restart it.

Your wallet needs to sync the blockchain entirely upon start and afterward, it needs to start syncing masternodes. Though your masternode status may show started within startup sync, it is not unusual or irregular for it to take a little longer.

Things you need to know.

Your masternode runs in the cloud and once started will not stop unless dismantled. So, it perpetually runs unless the cloud host experienced some sort of outage. This is unusually rare!

So before you worry let’s check your masternode on www.diviscan.io

First, you will need to open your wallet and click the debug icon. In console enter “listaddressgroupings” this display a list of your addresses and you will need to select the one or more addresses related to your masternode(s) Select and copy your masternode address and open www.diviscan.io and go to the masternodes tab. Once you click on the tab scroll down and you will see columns and on the right side you will see one that says “Address”. Paste your address in and it will sort to your address and display its status.

Most likely it will show “ENABLED”, its time active and all sorts of good details.

So your local wallet may just need more time to sync. Of course, if it never shows up. You might need to speak with us in support.

If you don’t see your masternode in the list following this process you may need to start your masternode.

Telegram Support https://t.me/divisupport

If you found this video helpful tips are always appreciated, and I am always grateful
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