Syncing Fix For Obsidian Wallet – Solution 1




This is based upon Pixxl’s guide – these are the Github notes

Solution 0 – Enable UPnP or Port Forwarding for port 56660

Disabled UPnP or missing port forwarding for port 56660 is mostly the root cause for connection problems.

  1. Log into your DSL/Cable Router/Firewall/OS Settings and enable UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) or forwarding of port 56660
  2. If you cannot find these settings, use Solution 1 instead.

Solution 1 – Add more nodes manually

  1. Run the wallet and go to the menu: Help/Debug Window
  2. Go to the Console tab
  3. Type at the prompt:

addnode add

addnode add

addnode add

  1. Wait a couple of minutes again